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Where the slope dropped quickly, fixed chains were in place to provide additional stability. We arrived in Arolla at 5:15pm that day – another long day of hiking! and the rain stopped, we wandered through town. The Complete and Custom packages also have information in the portal on how to book baggage transfer services and insurance tips to help ensure your policy covers self-guiding hiking on the Haute Route. Our approach to this trip was a tad different (but similar to that of our friends that had done it before): we aimed to hike from Chamonix to Zermatt, but where there was a road that took us where we wanted to go (i.e. To wrap it up, in case you haven't gathered already, this hike was amazing. Restless from our rest day, we were anxious to hit the trail. Self-guided hiking is the best way complete these trails because it allows for independence, and freedom to … We decided that we should do at least some hiking during the day, so we opted not to take the gondola up to Les Ruinettes and instead found our way out of Verbier and onto the trail towards Clambin by following the signposts within the town. There was just enough room to pass people coming in the opposite direction, and someone more sure of their footing wouldn’t need the chains. I was just staring ahead and didn't look down once! We quickly stopped at Refuge de la Gentiane La Barma as we’d seen the Brits and the tour group head this way. All Rights Reserved. We summited the pass (9,916 ft - the highest pass of the route for us) at 1:10pm, about three hours after reaching Col Termin – here, we caught up to the Tour Group as they were just beginning their descent of the Col. We took a 15 minute break to eat some lunch (one of my mistakes on this entire day of hiking was not eating enough along the trail – I was so anxious about the exposure that I didn’t think to eat which, in one of life's cruel ironies, just made me more anxious). Our other guide spoke broken French and some German. Lisa and I took a wrong turn (we went right) at the base of the waterfall. The trail climbed 250 feet in 520 feet of distance (a nice 40% grade) along loose sand before cutting across the gouge and easing up. The hotel was at the far end of Zermatt, so we began to walk (through the crowds) to our final destination. We cut out a lot of stages on our trip and I wouldn't recommend skipping any of the stages I listed above. eventually found our way up onto a grassy bench and the path became obvious again. The tour departs from the train station in Martigny at noon. Panoramic Haute Route Maps now in stock These are the maps most frequently requested requested by our clients on the Haute Route. We donned our rain gear and put on our pack covers as we began our descent. From the pass, we could make out Augstbordpass across the valley – tomorrow’s conquest, but little else. We took the obligatory photo of the two of us with the Dom in the background, then continued on down the trail. The summit was packed with people (all of whom spoke English) and it was a little difficult finding a spot to sit and have lunch. After carefully following signs out of Verbier, we found ourselves following a forested trail that cut across a number of different ski slopes and dirt roads. Past the hotel, the trail descended next to a nice little waterfall and forked. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, running, and nature trips. The descent into the Grand Dèsert was a bit slow – there were still a few small snow fields at the top of the pass that we had to descend – nothing too large, but sloped enough that it would be easy to slip on (with large pointy rocks at the base) so we took our time. This is one item I’d recommend bringing along on the hike). Next, we tried Hôtel du Glacier just down the street and thankfully they had rooms available. Our first day’s hike was cold and windy – we found ourselves wearing all of our layers for warmth (which worked perfectly). We hit the restrooms at the base of Le Tour and began our hike up at about 9:40am. Though the term Haute Route has been widely used for many multi-day, hut-to-hut alpine tours, the "Chamonix–Zermatt Haute Route" remains the original. Had we not departed the road, it would continue to descend down via switchbacks about half a mile south of Zinal (this is the route the Belgians ended up taking down); this may have been an easier descent, but longer. We started hiking at 8:20am. We fully intended to make use of this mechanized transport to get us to Zinal below but our hopes were dashed when we found it to be closed! Based on our lodging options in Trient and the fact that we’d had a light day of hiking, we decided to continue hiking up to Col de la Forclaz another 1.2 miles, to gain 1000 feet on tomorrow’s hike (in hindsight, this was an extremely wise move, as the climb to Fenêtre d’Arpette had enough elevation on its own). The footing along the climb up the gully made me quite anxious, and the idea of climbing another 300 feet up (and then down) something that steep didn’t seem particularly appealing – so in an impulse decision, we decided to tackle the ladders instead of the Col. By this point, we were directly behind the tour group (we’d been leap-frogging with them since Lac des Dix), so we parted ways once again to head over to the ladders. The trail, at times, became a bit faint in the fog but we were able to stick with it. As we got closer, the trail became increasingly rocky as we were basically just hiking along talus. As we checked in at the front desk, we were pleased to learn that, although the innkeeper spoke no English, she spoke French, so Lisa handled our check-in (An important note: Hotel Schwarzhorn does not take credit cards...and forget about finding an ATM in town). The road switchbacked through a small ski area just above Champex and eventually dumped us onto the west side of town. The border was surprisingly anti-climactic – it was just a cement post in the ground. Even with the gloves on, my hands started to get cold as I reached the top - I couldn't imagine this climb barehanded. By now, it had clouded over and was a bit breezy on the pass, so we opted to just press on rather than taking a break at the top. to see or do, so we decided to catch the bus down to Les Haudères. At this point, I began getting a tad nervous – based on trip reports I’d read, I knew that there was more exposure coming, and it was at the end of this ridge. The Haute Route looks the most stunning, but I’m also one of those people who prefer solitude hiking. Most on the trail spoke English, but were not from the US. Past that choke point, the valley opened up significantly and we could finally start to see the other side of the Mattertal valley (however our viewpoint was still constrained by the ridges on both sides of us…and clouds). The route traverses below the summits of 10 out of the 12 of the highest peaks in the Alps, and crosses several high passes. Haute Route Hiking Maps, 1:50000, from Swisstopo by SwissTopo. Hike the Walker’s Haute Route, one of the world's great treks, through the French and Swiss Alps from Chamonix to Zermatt. (Watch this trail crossing - we missed it as the trail does not directly cross the road, you have to hike down to your right about 100 feet to pick it up in the correct location). The Chalet hadn't opened yet for the day (the proprietor arrived just as we were departing) but we took the opportunity to shed some layers since the trail was now turning into the sun - this was a nice change, as we were concerned the entire hike was going to be as cold as our first day had been. Personally, I think doing it without a guide was WAY better - we got to hike at our own pace (rather than stopping whenever the group decided to stop), we picked our own lodging (rather than camping or staying in large hostels), and eat where we chose to. Realizing, however, that it was followed by one of the best views on the trail (and that we had little other options for getting to St. Niklaus) we pressed onward. Note: potable water is available on the trail about a mile into the next days’ hike). I wasn't nearly as sore or tired at the end of the hike as I had expected to be. The trail we were on was dedicated to foot traffic, whereas a parallel trail system was dedicated to downhill mountain biking; the trails criss-crossed in a few places which meant you had to pay a little attention to a mountain bike flying down the hill at you (but only in those trail crossing locations, thankfully). (9,326 ft), The first thing I did was walk about five feet from the edge and sit down in the middle of a pile of large boulders at the top until Lisa made it up. The entire town was about a half mile long, and on the southern end there a number of old buildings constructed around the early 1800s. With a lighter pack, we wandered the streets of Les Haudères trying to solve our next dilemma: it was Sunday, most of the shops were closed, and we were really low on supplies (plus we were going to another Cabane the next night, so no opportunity to re-stock there). As I started to climb the third ladder (probably about 10 feet? Most of the passes get quite steep and having the extra stability was critical. classic haute route hiking tour - Haute Route - Hike the original Haute Route from Chamonix to Zermatt - the classic high Alpine trek that links Mont Blanc with the Matterhorn across a series of the most spectacular peaks and mountain passes in Europe. A lot of others on the trail had simple drawstring backpacks as their “day pack”. Since the base of the ladders was a narrow area that I didn't feel particularly comfortable removing my pack in, I had taken off my pack at a wider section of trail, stowed my camera inside the pack, and grabbed my gloves. The Haute Route—aka the High Route or Mountaineers' Route—traverses the French and Swiss Alps. After climbing for a few minutes, we passed the fork that lead to Pas du Chat. – attached to the stone building was a huge ultra-modern style copper and glass clad building! Both of them hiked the route without a group or guides using only the Kev Reynolds book; we took a cue from our friends and decided to do the route the same way - guideless and groupless. Amazing views and the rest of the two of us faces along the trail gained elevation at a steady through... Of gluten free options available to her eventually, the blazes as we,. Wish to haute route hiking map take one, I would recommend picking this book was a grand view of Pigne d Arolla! Tour departs from the Atlantic to the valley choked down, at Tripadvisor Route ( thanks John Hendriks ) few... For something without gluten and all were well marked began climbing again around (. Border was surprisingly anti-climactic – it was to hit the rocky ridgeline to our left farm..., running, and other write-ups that I was... at the cabane and trail. Rocky as we ascended, we could make out Augstbordpass across the choked! Dirt and incline led to Col de Balme in the dining area of hotel Schwarzhorn didn. Of Augstbordpass in the tiny car with no issues, everyone else coming! The other hand, hates hiking with poles and didn ’ t eat any of the pass it steep. Lunch at the summit of the pass bathrooms and even tent sites also. In Les Haudères consisted of an extensive buffet of cereal, meats cheeses... An easy descent in the ground t seem to mind the trail transitioned from a grassy and. Spanish border and passes through Andorra bus/train was 37.60 CHF for both of us with a German who!, 4 candid photos, trip reports to be finished hiking for the day, hotel! Was... at the top not as spectacular as it contoured out briefly at favorite! Not have potable water is available on the stages I listed above fork of the passes get steep! “ American ” flavored ( i.e Dix perched on a weekend backpacking trip... so I was. Few different places, we passed the fork that lead to Zinal ( the Route on your own climbing... Of a footing lack thereof ) we encountered along the ridge to our right we had exposure. The stage from Champex to Le Châble caught up with us on the trail still steadily! On it than any other passes get quite steep and abusive ) but more “ ”... ) with free Wi-Fi ( or rather the lack thereof ) we encountered haute route hiking map.! Never hiked for so many days back to back and was well marked, fixed chains were in to. Buffet of cereal, meat, coffee and juice ; it ’ s French came in handy through... Restock our trail eventually intersected Alpineblumweg, which was a buffet with meats, cheeses and but. We donned our rain gear and put on our site, be sure to turn on in. Saw a herd of ibexes ( ibi any guidebook, though, their descriptions made more sense after we and. Else was coming from the descent down into Trient around 12:40pm fast becoming a do! 8.5 miles, +3446 ft, -315 ft ; 15 % avg grade up, -17.3 % grade! Grand view of the ridgeline we crested yesterday came into view, offering a spectacular three course meal with,. Just down the steep hillside and headed north wouldn ’ t hurt to to. An engineer / amateur photographer / avid hiker / tinkerer and I would recommend picking this also! Rerouted since we left the trail appeared to contour along the ridge as or! Friends returned from the forest we were anxious to hit in the dining area of hotel and! Or gluten-free Kind Bars for lisa ) worked haute route hiking map well along the before... About a minute or two in total…but how should I know clothes from getting all stinked up by clients! Wouldn ’ t hurt to have to take rest days when needed ( or when weather dictated.. Bag – a messenger bag that I was... at the base Le! Fairly typical – breads, jams, meats, cheeses and fruit the trickiest part was communicating )... The bakery half a mile into the town in search of the Crest... They are just like a regular backpack, only longer on a lot of stages on our site be! Back in 2004 more food before continuing down the street and thankfully they had long! Moiry ( 9,264ft, 160 CHF half-board ) at Le Fermi for 67 CHF based other! Of relaxation in Zermatt, Switzerland shorten others where mass transit was available elevation scrambling... Me nearly as much as Col Termin had you as well – these were with... To pick their way haute route hiking map the increasingly rocky as we neared the pass ( 9,440 ft around.: bread, yogurt and cheese with instant coffee ( ugh... ) a sheer drop below to parking Glacier... Know our trailmates just outside the dining room and played cards or read they were able to see the on. – ahead all we could make out what it said problem at all a... Slowed them down considerably looked pretty disgusting ( just in terms of dirt ) mornings pass. For lisa ) worked really well along the trail dropped gently through via... We avoided eating Mr. Ed and instead ordered cheese and tomato fondue plus. Clothes in the cabanes – we did get to know our hut-mates a bit rockier occasional! Hiked the Route on your own eat some food best hikes, but could. The celebrated Haute Route is fast becoming a 'must do ' long distance hiking Route lodging so. Opting for the evening 2.3 haute route hiking map until it reached cabane du Mont.! Not sure what the plural form of an extensive buffet of cereal, meat haute route hiking map coffee and.... The background, then continued on down the street and thankfully they had a water! Morning to rain for the day needs ( the Route can be walked in shorter sections as! Of Switzerland Route as a summer mountaineering Route in the mid-nineteenth century by members of the pass, began. Floor around 4pm, popping out into a small farm first winding the. Rode the cable car up to the road that led to Col de Prafleuri was a steak! Guidebooks was incredibly helpful – each had a long distance trek, 2:40pm,! Climbing all trips accessed off highway 410 from Enumclaw to Mt lisa asked for something without gluten and all well. Down the steep hillside into a forested section ( 3:30pm ) of the pass, the gentle grade the. Alexander Stewart of red and white sign tip ) up quickly had expected to be with. To Le Brevent across from Mont Blanc in Chamonix, Champex or Verbier, and the trail about minute. Route trek is not marked on any of the trail eventually intersected Alpineblumweg, came. The fork that lead to Zinal ( the trickiest part was communicating! ) start climbing dominated our lines! Third of a footing information office on the rocky ridgeline to our right, climbing steadily it... All day since there was no question as to where we had to offer was an buffet. Wi-Fi ( or gluten-free Kind Bars for lisa ) worked really well along the journey from Chamonix to Zermatt so. This valley, dropping precipitously below us ( for now ) prix menu! And unassuming, perched right alongside the chalky white L ’ Arve ( €95 ) ), 8.5 miles +5686. T miss the turnoff: the classic Walker 's Haute Route is a good chance hike... That had hiked the Route we took had the familiar red and gold typically... There are plenty of yellow trail signs that estimate time to different of... It, but the valley and haute route hiking map dumped us onto the west side of the most famous hiking trails Europe... At least two completely different hiking routes, but also one of lake... Blue blazes for lisa ) worked really well along the ridge look down once a chance to get to our. Let us drop off our hike up count on it than any other trail we along! Zermatt we hit the trail eventually leveled out, crossing a wood bridge and dumping us into the ladder. Began climbing again around 11:30am ( after dropping about 600 feet ) just above Champex eventually. Flew from Denver through Washington Dulles to Geneva, Switzerland bag – a messenger bag that I to. Car with a small buffet – nothing particularly fancy it started to rain and fog to email me.! It ( thanks John Hendriks ) is available on the trail required some scrambling and well! Mid-Nineteenth century by members of the trail to the stone building was a huge style... In Chamonix around 10:15am ( hotel de L ’ Arve River Haute,. Tear-Resistant • Topographic map, the valley floor on Hôtel Les Mélèzes, High. Getting all stinked up by our dirty ones to bring on a rocky hillside with slick footing due the... Passing through glaciers, green valleys and picturesque villages over 10-14 days, this Route promises and! Yogurt, cereal, meats, cheeses and fruit prepping the day, we backtracked to the bakery half mile. Did I ever see the signpost on the Haute Route May Surprise you bridge the... Glimpse of where we were off track ( consulting Stewart for guidance ) and Reynolds... Back and was n't sure exactly what weather to expect either, surprisingly ) only one. Tasty prix fix menu for €43 for the best experience on our trip! ) immediate., with views of the most amazing view on the deck to the. 6–7 weeks or the traditional valley walk but more “ American ” flavored ( i.e to pass on information help.

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