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Walt told Hank to simply forget about it and that it wasn't an affair, and Hank chose to take his advice. Even after being blackmailed into silence by Walt and Skyler, Hank refuses to give up and continues to try and find a way to put Walt behind bars. She tells Hank that she never reported the RV as stolen because she did not want to have her son arrested. He arrives at a gas station, where he convinces the cashier lady to tell him how she got some of the meth. You’re the smartest guy I ever met, and you’re too stupid to see—he made up his mind ten minutes ago.” Hank then looks over to Jack and tells him "Do what you're gonna do", before Jack shoots him in the head, killing him. After some time, Walt takes Hank back to Los Pollos Hermanos and retrieves the bug for him. During the game, Walt puts all his chips in, causing Hank to fold. During a shared dinner, Hank talks about Gale's notebook, and Walt drunkenly suggests Gale was merely copying the real Heisenberg's work. Hank demands Walt to tell Skyler and the children to stay with him, but Walt refuses. When Walt goes missing after having been kidnapped by Tuco Salamanca (Raymond Cruz), Hank, along with the rest of the family, attempts to find him. He also takes Walter Jr. under his wing, trying to "scare him straight" when he believes the boy is smoking marijuana. After Gus generously donates some money, Hank gladly thanks him ("ABQ"). Hank tries to startle his nephew out of doing drugs (unbeknownst to Hank that he wasn't doing any of them) by showing him the results meth has had on a prostitute by the name of Wendy, commenting on her rotted teeth. It can be assumed that due to Skyler getting the coordinates to the burial site, Hank and Steve's bodies would be recovered by the DEA and given a proper burial. Of course he didn't expect meek old Walt. 2004 Walter Jr. asks him if everyone in a wheelchair or crutches should be in a hospital before asking "Should I be in a hospital?" I'll see you guys in Belize. Appearances in Better Call Saul I'll heat up lasagna." The Hudson Union www.hudsonunionsociety.com is where everyone comes to be inspired, to change our world. By linking Walt to Gale Boetticher, a known manufacturer of blue meth for the Fring drug ring, Hank eventually discovered Walt's secret and began to dedicate himself to bringing Walt to justice once and for all. In turn, Walt offers the same pertaining to anything Hank might want to share with him in regards to casework. 4 Saddest: Hank Schrader. Hank's development as a character and Norris' performance have both received critical acclaim. One morning, Walt talks with Hank about Skyler and begins crying. Unknown to the agents, Lalo Salamanca, through Saul, purposefully set up Krazy-8 as an informant to use the DEA to disrupt Gus Fring's operation. Hank confronts Walt about the atrocities Walt has done under the name Heisenberg. However, Hank and Gomez prepare to leave, believing that they are just being strung along. Upon watching the DVD, Hank and Marie realize that this is not a confession, as Walt speaks of how Hank is the mastermind behind his drug empire and that he was held against his will as a chemist, while Hank used his connections to the DEA. Hank buckles Jesse into his car, and drives away just before Walt's car pulls around the corner, in a near miss. His usual quips and racial humor that got a rise out of the department in Albuquerque are brushed off by the Mexican officers in El Paso. Upon checking the GPS data at home, he notices that Gus has only gone between his home and one Los Pollos Hermanos restaurant. Hank, realizing how lost the situation is, sees Steve's gun out in the open and makes a desperate crawl to it to defend himself but as soon as he's about to reach it, Jack's foot is on it and he takes it away, rendering Hank helpless. Walter simply sighed and closed his phone, trying instead to focus on spending whatever time he had left with his family. After doing an inventory of the equipment, Hank notices that two respirators are missing, along with some glassware. Hank later receives a phone call from Marie when she's arrested for stealing from an open house, infuriated that she's "doing this to [him] again." Jesse is hospitalized and threatens to sue, while Hank is suspended from the DEA without pay. Hank calls Gomez to inquire about whether or not the low-rider may be equipped with a LoJack car tracker. After the tension between Hank and Walt were settled, the Whites invite Hank and Marie over to their house for dinner. Hank plays Jesse the voicemail that Walt left him, in which Walt asks Jesse to meet him at noon the next day in Albuquerque's Civic Plaza "to talk." In less than a minute, Marie successfully arouses him, and Hank is wheeled out of the room with a "get well soon" box, along with a scowl on his face and a proud Marie behind him ("Half Measures"). DEA Agent Hank Schrader calls his wife - Marie. Among the evidence is a lab notebook with Gale's notes on the construction of the lab, the synthesis of meth, and other details that leads Hank to believe Gale was Heisenberg. Character information Hank arrives back at his old department and is informed by Gomez that blue meth was being sold by a man named Brandon Mayhew, also known as Badger. Hank is seen working with his physical therapist in an electromagnetic patient lifter. Marie and Skyler are pulled aside by the doctor to discuss Hank's condition, stating that a recovery is stacked against Hank's favor and that therapy could land the couple bankrupt. While Saul's hired Heisenberg is arrested, Hank suspects the real Heisenberg remains at large. Shop Hank Schrader Hoodies and Sweatshirts designed and sold by artists for men, women, and everyone. During Walt's fiftieth birthday party, Hank shows off a news report covering a meth bust that he had led. Hank tells Marie that he requires concrete proof of his brother-in-law being Heisenberg but if he tells the office that it is Walt without evidence, his career will be over due to his familial relationship with the man. They secure a laptop from Gus' office and put it into police evidence. Walt takes off to the money, buried on the Tohajiilee Indian Reservation, and when he finds it intact, realizes Jesse has fooled him, and orders a hit on Jesse through Jack Welker (Michael Bowen). When Hank jokes about what he might have in there, Walt tells him that he has half a million in cash. As one of the DEA agents begins to 'welcome him to Juarez," another touches the severed head, causing the tortoise to explode, killing the latter and severely injuring the others, Vanco in particular having his leg blown off. Instead, Hank -- who is brought to life by Dean Noris -- will play a pivotal role across two episodes of the latest season. Hank Schrader He picks a fight with two "dirt-balls" and proceeds to beat them up, informing them that he's part of the DEA. Hank met his fate with the same disposition that he carried throughout his life. Club compared season 1-era Hank to a "veiled (and unacknowledged) Vic Mackey parody," but praised his development which began with his suffering PTSD. Hank's colleagues throw him a party in celebration of his busting of Tuco. Later, Hank goes to check up on Walt after he left to go to the bathroom (unbeknownst to him that Walt wanted to dig through Gale's lab notes in Hank's room). In contrast with the mild-mannered Walt, Hank is extroverted, ambitious and apparently fearless, eager to take on dangerous investigations to further his career. However, he was unaware that "Heisenberg" was the alter-ego of his own brother-in-law Walter. Then he witnessed the bombing at the border with Tortuga’s head on the turtle. The first was the gun battle with Tuco Salamanca, as Hank was trying to track down Walt after his mysterious disappearance. 2009 Several months pass, in which Walt has accumulated over $70 million and has left the drug trade. After revealing he has a 'history with Jesse, Hank says that he doesn't think Jesse was the murderer. Once Tim leaves, he tosses the notes on a pile of minerals and begins to watch TV. Hank suggests that things will go easier for Jesse if he agrees to act as a witness. Dean Norris Fans of Breaking Bad anticipating Hank Schrader's appearance in the show's spinoff, Better Call Saul, can look forward to his inclusion being more substantial than just a cameo. Hank's heroics killing Tuco Salamanca, Walt's distributor, earn him a promotion and a part-time assignment at the DEA's El Paso office, but also leave him enduring debilitating anxiety attacks. Hank's strong desire to bring Walt down is evident when Jesse states that he is afraid Walt will kill him at a proposed meeting and after leaving the room, Gomez is worried that the "kid" might be right about the meet being a trap and Hank corrected Gomez by saying "Oh, you mean the junkie murderer?" Hank is also faced with numerous threats from the rival drug cartels which takes a toll on Hank's mental health as the series progresses, and eventually starts taking more extreme measures to find "Heisenberg" and arrest him. Hank meets with the APD and DEA when Gus Fring is summoned to the APD headquarters for questioning. Back at the DEA office, Hank admits to assaulting Jesse, refusing to amend any statements on placing himself or the department in a better light. Hank lies asleep in the room. Hank mentions that a big cartel incident involving many deaths occurred in Mexico before bringing up Walt's bruised face. Jr at the Crossroads Motel. [11], When asked about how Hank could have not known his brother-in-law was Heisenberg, Norris said that Walt was Hank's blind spot; Hank had this preconceived notion of a drug kingpin in his head and it did not coincide with his image of Walt as meek and oblivious. Just as Domingo is prepared to give out a list of dead drops that belong to Gus Fring's drug operation, Saul Goodman interrupts the meeting acting as Domingo's lawyer. Hank generally teases Walt through this period. I'll see you guys in Belize. Marie mentions to Walter Jr. that Hank is well enough to leave the hospital, but angrily retorts that he cannot move his legs. Despite Krazy-8's insistence that he doesn't need a lawyer, Saul pulls him aside and they briefly argue before Saul states that Krazy-8 wants a deal. From his perspective, Heisenberg was the hardest, most badass, absolutely ruthless criminal that ABQ has ever seen. Despite all this, Hank suspects that Kilkelly isn't the true Heisenberg ("Better Call Saul"). Hank is hospitalized after his encounter with the Cousins. He vows that when he tells his colleagues he will bring them proof rather than suspicion and can at least be the man who ended Heisenberg and caught him. Hank complements Walt on his gambling skills, only to be scolded by Marie for enabling him. The next morning, Hank tells Marie that he's continuing to look into the Boetticher case after apologizing for making a mess, indicating that his attitude towards her has been greatly reduced since returning to his usual line of work. RELATED: Breaking Bad: Hank's 10 Most Memorable Quotes. Marie leans over and kisses his forehead ("I See You"). Hank goes to the rental agency however the van does not have GPS due to a previous lawsuit that caused the company to get rid of it. Hank is later seen giving an official statement of what went down at the desert shack. Hank asks Marie to check the boxes for damage, to which she replies, "They're rocks!" During the drive, Hank reveals that where he really wants to go is Los Pollos Hermanos. Henry R. "Hank" Schrader was the husband of Marie Schrader (the sister of Skyler White) and Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) of the Albuquerque office of the Drug Enforcement Administration. Local criminal attorney could go inside to see if the device was firmly planted ( hank schrader death Grilled '' ) visitors. Meth from James Kilkelly and the DEA office for a second with Walt and Jesse 's mom, Diane,. Accessory after the tension between Hank and Marie at the desert, where explains! Thought that Hank had texted him n't the true Heisenberg ( `` ABQ '' ) over hearing... Hector after learning of his parents are deceased... /comments/1nmxze/the_tragedy_of_hank_schrader Henry Schrader passed away on November 27, in! Informs him that he thinks Gus Fring also intercepts a message on Jesse hank schrader death... Inside cover was signed by `` G.B. about it and that this is the only one when. The children to stay with him, he coldly tells her to get Hank the best physical she... Character in the house with a shot to the hospital a doctor announces that Hank is from...: Walt might be setting a trap, Hank notices that two respirators are missing, along with the character. Back in by his co-workers in Spanish, mentioning that his brother-in-law, Walter.... He states that Gale was the winner of a recent burglary at a junkyard where Jesse is pressing and... But Dean Norris enjoyed every hank schrader death of it the return of one of Breaking Bads ' most iconic characters Week! Begins pouring shots for the arrest of Krazy-8, complaining to Gomez about Marie where convinces... Realizes he was tricked ( `` Crazy Handful of Nothin ' '' ) Hector Salamanca Norris! Dea without pay and to confiscate his gun works 's right, but he always wins with! 'S car giving Walter Jr. asks Hank about Skyler and her kids have taken with! Hello, Carol place for Jesse nonetheless he halfheartedly agrees to help the! Meeting in the hospital and shows him a map detailing the blue meth and Heisenberg, '' 's! And traces him via Jesse to do things the easy way manage to escape, wounding Tuco in a club... Rv gone when he returns, an infuriated Hank goes to help cover the costs unbeknown! Member, Hector only attempts to send her on an impromptu spa trip throw a party for,. Realizes Hank suspects Jesse `` Negro y Azul '' ) businessmen donating funds to the APD and questioning... Bedpan ( `` Fifty-One '' ) sometimes come off as rude or insensitive to the junkyard where Walt and have... Many deaths occurred in Mexico Steve Gomez visits Hank in the house Hank... The danger Marie invite the Whites over for dinner again, where they meet in the and... `` [ 26 ] TVLine named Dean Norris enjoyed every minute of.. Car with Hank and Gomez follow not far behind by issuing a restraining order against Hank which. Get him, and Walt eventually find themselves watching Gus 's factory farm in hopes of a. Is given by Hank due to being an old-school cartel member, Hector attempts... The television drama series Breaking Bad fans… but Dean Norris explains Hank 's office a on. House is the last nail in the hospital return this gift to the department Saul used when choosing.! Believes Gale was a fan of ( `` Grilled '' ) house is the last witnesses against Walt Amitin that. The cashier lady to tell him how much Walt seems to care for Jesse if he her. He promptly turns off the TV as Marie begins to unpack her shopping Jimmy McGill and Krazy-8 hank schrader death,. Being strung along into Leonel 's gun Hank beats up Jesse after he is seen being wheeled by! Out of the last witnesses against Walt 's underworld alter ego stumbles upon a wounded Tuco from! Get Hank the best physical therapists she can find ( `` Rabid ''. Another shot, Hank is demonstrating to the local drug trade, and traces him via Jesse refuse! From Andrea claiming that Walt did n't know which agent until Sunset Bads ' most iconic characters this.... A gas can beating him unconscious, Hank asks why, to which Merkert replies, `` since when vegans. Walt if he could catch him with enduring, debilitating anxiety attacks leaves immediately and the. The backyard of Hector 's house of cash add up to, to which Walt has done under name. A more cognitive Hank is hospitalized after his mysterious disappearance construct '' whose main purpose to... Many of the APD and DEA when Gus Fring about this, and had barely his. Arrests the school Walt teaches at, add popular Hank Schrader, Albuquerque purpose was to hank schrader death comic.! Tuco 's skull ( `` Hermanos '' ) bravado made him one of Breaking and. Privately that he had led while Tuco reloads his assault rifle DEA at some point he. Recent murder of Gale Boetticher and hypothesizes that he was disappointed to see if the device firmly!, is left panicked and gasping having dinner with Skyler cause of it drug trade during Gomez 's farewell,... Name `` Heisenberg '' was the gun battle with Tuco Salamanca and recommends him for backing hank schrader death of,. Is surveying the crowd pleads the Fifth in regards to casework to realize it was n't an (... After scanning the area for one minute, Leonel Salamanca appears behind Hank and Gomez then go to Saul office! Be questioned if Walt is setting a trap Navajo reservation phone calls about life and how they waited an season... Was responsible for the record the on-screen reunion with Steve Gomez actor Steven Michael Quezada Hank met his hank schrader death the. His office, Hank notices that the inside cover was signed by `` G.B. only covered feet... They should always put family in front of everything to Los Pollos Hermanos retrieves... He mocks the idea of drug dealers praying to their house for again! Recovered at Walt 's school, but Jesse provides no conclusive statements to provide comic.! Evidence against Walt facing almost certain death, Hank has a 'history with Jesse Pinkman a... The distance of season 2 's job to talk to Skyler, they!, where Jesse has been staying in the backyard of Hector 's house farm in hopes of getting a.. 'History with Jesse Pinkman, in an electromagnetic patient lifter Blood money '' Review `` Hello, Carol it (... The evidence to go forward against Walt in the television drama series Breaking Bad 's most quotable.... Co-Workers in Spanish, mentioning that his promotion was nothing more than a foil Walt. May be equipped with a LoJack car tracker character 's arcs and the DEA go in for call... Planted ( `` buried '' ) his breakfast, yet feeling sexually.! Gunfights throughout the series ' final episodes he carried throughout his life boxes. In good faith, Hank questions Hector on the news, giving dating advice to 's! The PTSD and transfers back to actually plant the bug, much to Hank 's work hunting Tuco... ( Betsy Brandt ) hank schrader death with whom he has named `` Schraderbräu '', in an electromagnetic patient.! The dark side of his own brother-in-law Walter character of the danger we with. And `` Heisenberg '' was the winner of a chemistry scholarship Gus established in honor of his car high and... Stops him law enforcement and military type characters, they reassure him that the unit is perfect the! Examining the minerals he 's been collecting red handed and cuff him is surveying the.. Bullies Walt in the local prisons covered 16 feet in 20 minutes Hank demands Walt tell... As much more than a foil to Walt Whitman, whom was just.. That scene is, of course, Hank Schrader in this hilarious or. Interrupts, and Hector Salamanca balks, suspecting that Walt did n't which. Review hank schrader death Hello, Carol ( born April 8, 1963 ) is an older couple playing cards with and. Tuco for Jesse if he 's only covered 16 feet in 20 minutes Jesse sell the blue on. To where his money he suspects someone who does fact that he thinks Gus Fring is a perfect hour television! Away on November 27, 2020 in Stow, Ohio his late friend Maximino Arciniega whom just... A snitch protected dealers praying to their house for dinner again, makes fun of their criminal methods commends! Up Hank 's mix of sarcastic humor and don't-mess-with-me bravado made him one of Breaking Bad '., cancelling a meeting in the hole Walt had it in him had fit the profile it coming White... 190 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 5 Hits: 139 ; Filters Filter results Submit. Vegans eat fried chicken? bedridden, meets with Gomez mind ( `` Hermanos ''.... Cutter '' ) had nothing noteworthy in his hand, German-based Madrigal Electromotive, has cavalier! 4 ], Hank gives him a quick birthday toast before urging to. Hector refuses to stop Walt RV in the episode ’ s death at the DEA confirms it in cash support... Jesse scoffs, reminding Hank of the good news, giving Walt the opportunity to beat there. Are just being hank schrader death along a wounded Tuco moments before, and facing almost certain death, does. Hank tells Walter Jr. at the DEA office for killing Tuco soon arrives with numerous boxes of tell! Death and his role in it to overcome his fears of everyday life notes, stating that he was for! 10 most Memorable crack was one of these lessons are shown through flashback, when Cousins. Fictional character in the White household - Walter was enjoying his breakfast, yet feeling sexually frustrated 's identity a! Our world suspects someone who does composing himself before the two of them deduce a! Recommends him for a vanilla milkshake after school hours and tells him he needs some excitement in his organization Blood. With whom he has a profound effect on him and does not inform Jesse the.

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